We ask that you carefully review the BlackMiink Exchange & Return Policy” before you place an order with us. By placing an order, which involves making payment for your order, you therefore agree to the conditions listed below. We also inform you that the “BlackMiink Exchange & Return Policy” is up for revision as the company sees fit. However, we will attempt to resolve any concern with good faith to ensure that you are pleased with your purchase and our customer service. 

Please rest assured that all the lashes are thoroughly inspected before they make it into our inventory. We pride ourselves on going the extra length to guarantee that you lashes are not just a purchase but instead a worthy investment into quality lashes that will last you for several looks with proper care. 


Defective lashes are lashes that upon receipt and inspection meet the criteria mentioned up below. Our definition of DEFECTIVE LASHES does not mean or nor does it include WORN AND USED LASHES. If you have worn the lashes and they get damaged, those lashes ARE OUT OF OUR EXCHANGE WARRANTY. If you want a new pair or a different pair, you will have to purchase a new pair of lashes. We invite you to sign up for e-mail updates to be notified of our future promotions. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. All exchanged merchandise must be received in its original condition and all original packaging.

DEFECTIVE: A defective pair of lashes means the following: 

1. a pair of lashes that is missing a chunk of lashes upon receipt, or
2. a pair of lashes that deviates greatly from the set style upon receipt, or
3. a pair of lashes that is missing from it’s box upon receipt, or
4. a box of lashes that only comes with one side of eyelashes upon receipt.

NON-DEFECTIVE: A non-defective pair of lashes can be descried as: 

1. you, the client, wore the pair and you damaged the pair of lashes after receipt. 
2. You, the client, removed the pair from the tray and destroyed the lash or lashes after receipt.
3. You, the client, slept in your lashes and destroyed the lashes after receipt.
4. You, the client, used too much glue and destroyed the lashes after receipt
5. You, the client, have pulled on the hairs in order to remove the lashes from your lash band after receipt.
6. Any other form of application where you were not careful with lashes after receiving the lashes. 

Therefore, if you ordered a pair of lashes and do not like the style, understand that your sale is final. No exchanges. To acquire another pair, you will have to make another purchase

After we have received or reviewed your e-mail or text message, at the discretion of our staff, we will authorize your return with mailing suggestions and/or instructions.

How should you ship the items?


Who will bear the shipping costs?

• If you are requesting an exchange for the same product because of a defect, you will be responsible for shipping the product back to us, in the event that the defect is unnoticeable but you still insist on exchanging the products. If upon arrival of the package, we notice that the lashes were faulty, you will get the shipping cost refunded to you. And your new lashes will be shipped to you for free. IT IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED THAT YOU KEEP YOUR SHIPPING RECEIPT.

• The client will bear any shipping costs that results from you providing an incorrect shipping address with her/his initial purchase. If you placed your initial order and provided an incorrect address that led to your package to being sent back, you will be sent an invoice to pay for the correct shipping. Each shipping fee only covers, one shipping label. You must understand that on some cases, the $5 shipping fee that you have paid was probably not enough to cover your initial shipping costs. We cannot accrue shipping expenses because clients are not paying attention at checkout. So kindly take your time and provide us with the correct address. 

• If you live outside of the U.S. and your package is returned to us because you provided the wrong mailing address, failed to go to your post office with your tracking number to retrieve your package or gave a us work address instead of a home address and no one was available to retrieve the package for you, you will be responsible for paying another shipping fee.